The Spirit of the Monday

…’s a joke, a play on The Spirit of the Marathon, the documentary.
Today has been, yesterday part two. Sleep deficit and muscle fatigue continue.
I have not made good decisions regarding my self-care this weekend. Alas, life continues apace. I will get decent sleep tonight and channel my idol tomorrow to try and get a handle on my week.
Sometimes you need a few lazy days- but you have to be mindful they don’t become lazy weeks….

Sharing with you one of my favorite inspirations,


We Hydrate Because We Care

Yesterday, I ran the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race.

It’s pretty brutal and because it’s in March- it is usually cloudy with temperatures hovering around 35. On race day morning, I checked the weather, saw overcast skies and a temp around 45 so I dressed accordingly and in layers:
Shorts- because I like my legs to feel free.
Super thick long sleeve dri fit shirt with thumb holes on the sleeves.
Zip up dri fit jacket with pockets (for id, phone, Kleenex and my gloves)
I was pretty confident about my choices until we got in line for the shuttle to the start line and it began raining- a steady cold rain that made me wish I had knee socks or pants. By the time we got to registration I was so cold that I actually put on my race t shirt over my long sleeved shirt as an extra dry layer.
For several reasons, I got to the corral late and ended up having to shuffle in with the 15 minute mile people because the corrals were so full and I was too nervous to try and force my way in with the 9/10 minute mile folks. While standing in the corral, the rain stopped and the sun came out with strong heat. By the time we began to move, I was sweating.
Some people run well when they’re hot- I run better cold. All of my layers made me feel claustrophobic and all of the sweat that was coating my core made the first two hills an extreme nausea provoking experience. The major downhill that everyone looks forward to at mile 4 did not even feel like a relief for me. It actually felt just as hard as everything else. By mile 5, I had no push left in my pace and I had to watch my beautiful 9:30 turn into an overall 10:38 as I struggled not to a. Vomit or b. Pass out for the last 1.2 miles. I usually can pull out a decent kick on the last .5 of any race no matter how tired I am, but yesterday- I had nothing left.
I remember watching women peel off their outer layers down to tank tops or sports bras and feeling deeply jealous. I pulled to the side at one point because I had determined that I had to take off my shirts because I had to feel air on my skin but when I tried to lift my arms over my head, I felt sick. So I said- forget it. I’ll just keep going.
When I finished, I managed to get a small cup of water down but I was way too nauseous for anything else. Later, I drank a bottle of Gatorade but I did not hydrate very well the rest of the day and thus today- I feel like I have the world’s worst hangover. Funnily, it is completely unrelated to alcohol.
The Holyoke course is notoriously difficult- it’s a legend… But this year was exceptionally difficult for me and it woke me up to some deficits in my training-
Hill work
Running outside
Cross Training/Body weight training- especially my core which definitely felt weak coming down the hill.


Two Things…

1. I bought a vegan nutrition plan from the Tone It Up girls.

  • The main reason for this is because I am really struggling to balance my macronutrients in a way that supports the level of training I’m doing. On one exhausted day, I said to myself- I just want someone to tell me what to eat at each meal. Take the thinking out of this. And so, I went with them- for a number of reasons that I’ll probably talk about later.  It’s 2 days in and so far, I’m feeling really great about it.

2. I have the best, most loving, most supportive mother in the world.

  • Sometimes- there are things that happen- not awesome things- and you need someone to hear you in all of your weak, ravaged pain and to want nothing but you to feel better, not to pass judgement on your circumstances but to just hear you and feel your pain.  I was looking for a cute pin for this but instead I found this: Mother Daughter Bucket List. It reminded me of all the things we have done together and all of the adventures that I still want to have together.

Also, Kevin had surgery yesterday and his sad, weepy, sleepy demeanor is killing me.



Surprise, it’s Spring!

Yesterday morning, I went to take Kevin out and it was 50 degrees outside!

So I did what anyone would do, I gave Kevin a solid 1.5 miles walk and then took off on my own for 5.61 mile run in a tank top and capris!

It was amazing to be running like that when there is still snow hanging around.


Then home for an amazing lunch of steamed veggies with a little Earth Balance for flavor.


Russ and I did major grocery shopping last night so I’m really excited to make some of the dishes that I have found in various Internet wanderings.  One will be an adapted recipe to make it vegan which I’m nervous but hopeful about….

One amazing Vegan find that I have found in the Western Mass area is Cafe Evolution. The menu is smallish but all solid and reliable choices but the best part is their baked goods which are not listed on the menu.  They have the amazing cupcakes- the size of your hand and with a tower of frosting and come in many flavors- my personal favorites are the Lemon and the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Oh so delightful.  I used to get them all the time as a treat when I lived in Northampton. I have regular withdrawal now.

Does anyone else have a favorite local vegan cafe?




Spring Break starts next Monday…. boy do I need it.

My head cold of death has continued with minimal interruption despite my obvious need for it to go away.


Monday is one of those days where I am in class for 6 hours with one break and it is a day super intense mental workload classes (as opposed to fascinating and discussion based classes). I have one hour of break for lunch which is surprisingly not as long as it seems that it would be…

Today my Vegan Lunchbox consisted of:

Bowl of vegetarian chili-stew-ish concoction that I made with every can of beans and piece of vegetable that I could reasonably chop and fit in the pot. (I made this as an effort not to waste food-but it has nursed me through this cold where I do not taste anything but appreciate the way that hot peppers open up my nose for a sweet, brief moment).


A bag of organic carrot “chips” which are amazing if you haven’t had them and they a delightful vehicle for my second item:


I love this hummus. So much.

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of food for a long day but the head cold seriously interfered with my productivity (food shopping/planning) this weekend and on top of that I didn’t run yesterday so I reasoned I didn’t need as much energy coming in since it wasn’t going to be used.

And now… Back to bed!